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Motivational quotes about life, writing, inspiration, success, failure, love, relationship by famous writers that are as enchanting as the stories they spin.

Inspirational Quotes By Famous Writers That Touch So Many Aspects Of Life

Writers are an exceptional breed that whips up stories that leave their readers enchanted. They find inspiration in the most mundane of things and most unexpected of places.

If you're not convinced about the queerness of their nature let us regale an anecdote about the famous author Mark Twain to put an end to the doubts for once and for all.

The eminent writer was travelling for a lecture tour and during his one of the stops he decided to pay the barber a visit. During a conversation, Twain informed the barber that he was visiting the town for the first time. At this the barber remarked that, "You’ve chosen a good time to come." Curiously Mark enquired the reason to which the barber enlightened him that, “Mark Twain is going to lecture here tonight. You’ll want to go, I suppose?” At this Twain replied nonchalantly, "I guess so…" When the barber enquired if he had purchased the tickets yet, Mark replied in negative. The barber remarked, “Well, it’s sold out, so you’ll have to stand.” At this the author sheepishly replied, “Just my luck,” said Twain with a sigh. "I always have to stand when that fellow lectures!" 

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