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A collection of quotes and thoughts by Vincent Bugliosi on law, criminals, death, power, God, conspiracy, evidence, society, mistakes, books, court, elections and writing.

7 Thought-Provoking Quotes By Vincent Bugliosi

Quick Facts

Famous As: Lawyer, Writer, Poet lawyer

Born On: August 18, 1934

Died On: June 6, 2015

Born In: Hibbing

Died At Age: 80

Vincent Bugliosi was a respected American attorney and a best-selling author. He completed his law studies from the ‘University of Miami’ backed by a tennis scholarship. He joined as a ‘Deputy District Attorney’ at the ‘Los Angeles County’ where he soon gained recognition for prosecuting the infamous and notorious criminal ‘Charles Manson’. Charles was arrested for committing murders but there was no proof of his direct involvement but Vincent brought substantial evidence to help the government in prosecuting him. He published a book on the case titled ‘Helter Skelter’ which is acknowledged to be the best-selling true crime book. It has been honored by the ‘Edgar Award’ and has also been adapted into a hit movie. He further prosecuted many popular criminals including ‘Sharon Tate’ and ‘Steven Parent’. He as a writer has published some of the top-selling books criticizing media, lawyers, and judges. His next hit book was the ‘Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder’ where he explained the reason behind O.J. Simpson’s acquittal. He also wrote a book called ‘The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder’ where he criticized how the president had misled the masses to kill innocent people of Iraq and the US Army. Go through this collection of quotes and thoughts by Vincent which reflects his high level of intellect. Let us browse through some of the most noted quotations and sayings by Vincent Bugliosi.

I may have implied on several occasions to several different people that I may have been Jesus Christ, but I haven't decided yet what I am or who I am.

Vincent Bugliosi

Sooner or later, all conspiracy theories, no matter how outlandish, must eventually rest a certain set of facts. And facts can be checked.

Vincent Bugliosi

And I believe the truth is mighty, and shines by its own light.

Vincent Bugliosi

All the stories had a common thread—that somehow the victims had brought the murders on themselves…

Vincent Bugliosi

Hollywood is a bitchy town.

Vincent Bugliosi

It is well known in the legal profession that many judges, upon ascending the bench, think they are three steps closer to God.

Vincent Bugliosi

A murder trial is not a Sunday-afternoon tea party.

Vincent Bugliosi