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A collection of famous quotes by Peggy Lipton on beauty, life, love, experience and confidence.

6 Famous Peggy Lipton Quotes

Famous As: Actress

Born On: August 30, 1946

Died On: May 11, 2019

Born In: New York City, New York, United States

Died At Age: 72

During her five-decade-long career as an actress, Peggy Lipton accumulated an extensive list of film, TV, and theatre performances. She was also an accomplished model but mostly preferred to dress in casual clothing. An introvert, she dealt with her lack of confidence and self-insulation all her life. She never became comfortable with her celebrityhood and harboured disdain for the paparazzi. However, she truly revelled in her role as a mother to her two daughters. Here are some famous quotes by Legga Lipton on beauty, life, love, experience and confidence.

Sometimes I would make myself very still and try to imagine myself dead. I tried to invoke the feeling of the very last breath I would take.

Peggy Lipton

My love affairs were more often about the fantasy than the actual person I was involved with.

Peggy Lipton

In acting class, I used to hide in the corner and pray the teacher wouldnt call on me.

Peggy Lipton

I ran into Neal Patrick Harris recently. We were in something called The Purple People Eater. He was maybe 10, but he still remembered it as the worst experience of his life!

Peggy Lipton

I know I wanted to be with somebody and have children. My heart comes before my work.

Peggy Lipton

I had a wall around me and a lot of fantasy locked inside.

Peggy Lipton