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A collection of quotes about films, theater, friendship, acting, love, relationship, life, and love by famous film actors.

Greatest Quotes By Film Stars & Theater Personalities That Will Give Goals In Life

Theater and films have been a medium of entertainment for masses since their inception. Screenplay, cinematography, direction, production, acting, set designs, sound and visual effects are the few of the key aspects of filmmaking and theatrical performances. From silent movies to sound, from black and white to colour, the art forms have undergone many changes. Each era has seen the emergence of many greats whose works have carved a niche in the minds of their audiences. 

Various filmmakers have explored with different genres and gifted mankind with movies that leave an imprint on our minds. Actors breathe life into characters with their skills and a few of them become synonymous with their characters. Chris Evans will always remain Captain America for his fans and Benedict Cumberbatch will always be the favorite Sherlock Holmes for many. 

Had it not been for director Steven Spielberg, we would have not encountered the tyrannosaurus rex in movies. Though actor Leonardo Dicaprio won the Oscar for The Revenant, his role in Titanic will always be cherished by movie bluffs. 

Listen to the views of some of the greatest film personalities of all times in their own words through this collection of quotes. 

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