A collection of quotes and thoughts by Chairil Anwar on destiny, love, poetry, death, God, life and lose.

4 Great Quotes By Chairil Anwar That Will Spark The Flame Of Writing In You

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Chairil Anwar was a renowned Indonesian poet known for bringing a change in the traditional Indonesian literature. He was inclined towards writing since childhood and read books of various foreign publishers to improve his skill. His first poem was titled ‘Nisan (Gravestone)’ which is believed to be inspired by his grandmother’s death. This was well-accepted by the masses which encouraged him to come up with various other poems on the subject of death. His poems were rejected by various publishers as they were seen to be very individualistic and unconventional. He went on to work as a radio broadcaster while publishing his own magazine called ‘Gema Gelanggang’. His way of writing poems using everyday language made him popular. He wrote down poems adapted by legendary poets but strived to fill it with new ideas. A majority of his works were posthumously published as they contradicted the ideas of the then poets and became extensively popular. His poems, thoughts and adaptations have been collected under the title ‘The Complete Poetry and Prose of Chairil Anwar’.  Here is a compilation of quotations and thoughts by Chairil Anwar, the renowned and rebelliously poet who wrote on themes like existentialism, death and individualism.

Nasib adalah kesunyian masing-masing

- Chairil Anwar

Sekali berarti sesudah itu mati

- Chairil Anwar

Kami coba simpan nestapa... kami coba kuburkan duka lara... tapi perih, tak bisa sembunyi. Ia menyebar kemana-mana...

- Chairil Anwar

Hidup hanya menunda kekalahan.

- Derai-derai Cemara, Chairil Anwar