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29 Notable Quotes By R. L. Stine

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Robert Lawrence Stine or R. L. Stine, also known as the ‘Stephen King of children’s literature’, who was the mind behind classic horror fiction novels such as ‘Fear Street’, ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘The Nightmare Room’ series. The most popular depiction of his work on television, the Goosebumps TV series ran for four seasons from 1995-98 along with three video games. Having sold more than 400 million copies worldwide, Forbes placed him at 36th in the list of 40 best paid entertainers of 1996-97, for grossing more than $41 million in the fiscal year. Thrice during the 90s, he was named by USA Today as America's number one best-selling author. Stine also received accolades such as Champion of Reading Award, the Disney Adventures Kids' Choice Award for Best Book-Mystery/Horror and the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. He even has his name on the Guinness Book of World Record for the best-selling children’s book series author of all time. We have curated Stine’s notable quotes from his writings, novels, interviews and observations. Here are a few quotes from R. L. Stine.

Read. Read. Read. Just don't read one type of book. Read different books by various authors so that you develop different style.

- R. L. Stine

Many adults feel that every children's book has to teach them something.... My theory is a children's book... can be just for fun.

- R. L. Stine

I've had a very sheltered life. What can happen to you if you stay home writing all day?

- R. L. Stine


- Goosebumps HorrorLand #18: Slappy New Year!, R. L. Stine

Sometimes it helps to scold yourself, to give yourself advice.

- The Haunted Mask II, R. L. Stine

I'm so tired of being lonely,she thought. In so tired of never going out, of never being with a boy,off never having a boy care about me.

- First Date, R. L. Stine

There are all kinds of worlds in the real world,"she said softly."Most people don't know that.

- R. L. Stine

You guys are just jealous because i'm a natural athlete and you can't cross the street without falling on your face." -(Bird) Doug

- Say Cheese and Die!, R. L. Stine

The book the snowman was the best book I have ever read it had suspence durring the whole book it was AWSOME!!!

- The Snowman, R. L. Stine

He's is a real dummy

- Night of the Living Dummy II, R. L. Stine

Zeke and I struggled to get to the dressing room so we could get changed. But we were mobbed by people who wanted to congratulate us and tell us how talented and terrific we were.

- Phantom of the Auditorium, R. L. Stine

Good dog,' she said, stoking his head. 'Good sweet dog.' That was one of the great things about dogs. They always loved you no matter what was going on.

- Bad Dreams, R. L. Stine

Breath freezes

- Vampire Breath, R. L. Stine

Dominatio per malum. Power through evil.

- The Sign of Fear, R. L. Stine

At least I rescued your poor hot dog.

- Ghost Camp, R. L. Stine

All those decaying zombies eating people and tearing out their guts.” She laughed. “Cool!

- Zombie Town, R. L. Stine

There wouldn't be so many stories about vampires and zombies and other weird creatures if they didn't really exist.

- Zombie Halloween, R. L. Stine

Squatting over it, I pulled it open. My clothes were neatly folded at the top. Robb hadn’t stolen anything.

- Goosebumps Most Wanted #6: Creature Teacher: The Final Exam, R. L. Stine

Noah — get off me!” she demanded, trying to push the big duck off her chest.

- The Haunted Mask, R. L. Stine

To see the drooling, pink mouth open

- The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena, R. L. Stine

He looked a lot like the drawings of Benjamin Franklin in my history book.

- Goosebumps HorrorLand #16: Weirdo Halloween, R. L. Stine

Grandpa Mo choked out. "They...they...they are hungry. Very hungry.

- Zombie Halloween, R. L. Stine

You won't be going home tonight - or ever," Trevor whispered. "You've seen too much.

- Zombie Halloween, R. L. Stine

Him!” I cried. “Somebody

- Goosebumps Most Wanted #2: Son of Slappy, R. L. Stine

Yes, we outran them easily,” Destiny replied. “It…it’s because we’re not human anymore. We outran them because we’re creatures now.

- Dangerous Girls, R. L. Stine

Would you love me if you knew I suck down liver blood in the supermarket?

- Dangerous Girls, R. L. Stine

Dimmed completely.

- Zombie Town, R. L. Stine

I don’t think you’re weird, Ari.” Destiny dropped down on the edge of the bed and picked up the Anne Rice book. “I think it’s cool that you’re into…stuff.

- Dangerous Girls, R. L. Stine

Tap-tap-tap is better than thump-thumpthump," Ivy said.

- Zombie Halloween, R. L. Stine