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Motivational quotes by famous business leaders about business, entrepreneurship, failures, success, life, leadership and relationship to inspire you when the going gets tough.

Inspirational Quotes By Business People That Will Motivate You To Pursue Your Dreams

The biggest hurdle people face when starting their own business is getting others to believe in your vision, especially if it is something never done before. However as Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle says, "When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for people telling you that you are nuts," we must never take criticism to heart. Instead we should try to take lessons from it.

The path definitely is not easy but a true entrepreneur chooses to embark on it nonetheless. It is this courage and determination to create something new is what makes these business people super successful. No amount of failures or criticism is enough to deter them from their tracks. They bear the hardships with pride as a soldier carries his battle scars. It is the mindset of breaking stereotypes which makes the business barons a rare class.

Their stories of failure and success have inspired millions and here we bring to you a collection of inspirational quotes by famous business people. Listen to their take on business ethics, life and other things in their own words through these famous quotes.