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Inspirational quotes about leadership, life, failure, success, god, relationship, entrepreneurship and management by famous leaders to guide you through the testing times.

Motivational Quotes By Famous Leaders That Inspire You To Greatness

The sixth US President John Quincy Adams had a unique definition for a leader: "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

Leadership is not a trait which comes naturally to everyone. They are a rare species who become great by their actions and take initiatives to accomplish the goals instead of depending on others. They realize the fact that power and responsibility go hand in hand. 

Since the dawn of civilization, the world has witnessed many great leaders. Theodore Roosevelt was one such politician who put the interests of his people before his own life. Such was his dedication for his people that he returned to politics after retiring once because his chosen successor was inefficient. 

It was during his second term in politics that Roosevelt was campaigning for elections in Milwaukee. He was exiting his hotel to board the car that was supposed to take him to the venue where he was to deliver a speech. A gunshot was fired at Roosevelt and he was injured. Even then he insisted on delivering the speech which he finally did and only then went to hospital. Fortunately the sheet of folded papers which contained his speech and metallic eyeglass case slowed the bullet. 
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