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A collection of motivational and inspiring quotes about life, love, relationship, work, god, spirituality, success, failure by famous intellectuals and academics.

Great Quotes By Famous Intellectuals & Academics That Will Make You Think

Intellectuals and academics play a major role in shaping the evolution of the human society into a more intelligent and cultured one. Imagine what the world would have been like had it not been for the contributions of the intellectuals, scientists and educationists from the ancient times! For a long time it was believed that the Earth was flat, and the belief would have still been prevalent had it not been for the likes of ancient philosophers such as Pythagoras, Claudius Ptolemy, and Plato who dared to question it. Similarly contemporary intellectuals and academics question and ponder over the frequently emerging theories and concepts that come up during modern-day scientific enquiries. Such well-read, wise, and scholarly people have so much to offer the world and we bring you to their wisdom distilled in the form of easy to read but deeply meaningful quotes! 
Intellectuals & Academics