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A collection of best award quotes and thoughts by some of the most famous people.

Interesting Quotes About Awards & Recognition

Awards refer to any form of acclamation or recognition that you receive for your outstanding performance or your efforts in a particular field or in your profession. Awards are a motivational tool that keeps you going. Besides being a mark of excellence, awards help boost your morale and help you aim and achieve bigger accomplishments. In a way to reward creative excellence, awards come handy. Awards can be monetary as well as non-monetary. Awards help encourage people to give their best, express empowerment and take thoughtful risks. If your don’t have a knack for words and are looking for the right words to praise someone and you are not a poet then we have created a corpus of some popular, famous and inspiring award and recognition quotations and sayings which have come from eminent leaders, celebrities, motivational speakers and famous personalities. Following is a list of award quotes and thoughts that will keep you on the right track and take you straight towards accomplishing your goals.

Between speeches and awards, you can find something to do every other week. It's hard to write. Your focus gets splintered. Once you put one thing in your calendar, that month is gone.

August Wilson

To those of you who received honours, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And to the C students, I say you, too, can be president of the United States.

George W. Bush

Most awards, you know, they don't give you unless you go and get them - did you know that? Terribly discouraging.

Barbra Streisand

You know you're old when you get a lifetime achievement award. It's a message you've been around too long.

Michael J. Fox

My friend Quincy Jones says we won our first Grammys together in 1963. I have no recollection. I don't even remember the room. When he showed me the picture, I remembered what I wore. But it's like awards don't mean anything.

Barbra Streisand

Awards are wonderful. I've been nominated many times and I've won many awards. But my journey is not towards that. If it happens it will be a blast. If it doesn't, it's still been a blast.

Tom Cruise

My dad [...] sent me a text saying, 'You know who you should play? Columbo. That's your Academy Award.'

Mark Ruffalo

I want to win some awards, sell more records - just do whatever I want.

Big Sean

I've been a very lucky guy. I played on championship teams. I played for Canada. I've won some awards and I'm very proud of those accomplishments. But I don't think there's anything greater than to come home and to be recognized at home. This is the pinnacle.

Bobby Orr

But we came for the Kennedy Center Awards, which was an incredible honor. Being a British person, I was bestowed this honor. And my partner and I, David, came. And we were so pleasantly surprised by George Bush and his knowledge of AIDS. He really - he treated David and I - and Laura - treated us like - they were so friendly and so courteous.

Elton John

School was a waste of time for me. I was bored and left at 16. I started taking correspondence courses at college instead. I did incredibly well. I won an award for my grades.

Amber Heard

I've won many awards and I want more. If you want to call it hunger then I'm hungry for awards.

Shah Rukh Khan

Awards shows mainly publicize the people giving the awards.

Arnold Vinick

I won an Academy Award for 'The Cider House Rules,' playing an American.

Sir Michael Caine

I have never cared very much for personal prizes. A person does not become a freedom fighter in the hope of winning awards.

Nelson Mandela

What does the Academy Award mean? I don’t think it means much of anything.

Sally Field

The Academy Awards are obscene, dirty . . . no better than a beauty contest.

Dustin Hoffman

You can't deny a band whose fans will literally do anything to see them win the awards. We're very appreciative to the fan base. That mutual feeling of appreciation is something that really helps.

Andy Biersack

It doesn't matter how many times you win an award, it is always very special.

Zinedine Zidane

Sports are not about awards or world championships, though those are great. They're about the relationships we have with each other.

Mia Hamm

I'm rather fond of my awards.

Ruskin Bond

Americans are always mortified when I tell them this, but in England, it's a tradition to put your plaques and photographs and awards and gold records and stuff in your bathroom. I don't know why.


I don't do a television show for awards. You make it so people will enjoy watching it.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Awards are so unnecessary because I think we get so much out of our work just by doing it. The work is a reward in itself.

Natalie Portman

I always look back to awards shows and think about being a kid watching them.

Luke Bryan

Education must award self-confidence, the courage to depend on one's own strength.

Shirdi Sai Baba

Awards are meaningless for actors, unless they all play the same part.

Humphrey DeForest Bogart

I really wanted the MTV Award the most, It was a golden popcorn container and it looks really neat.

Kirsten Dunst

Oh, what a shock. My career must be slipping. This is the first time I've been available to pick up an award.

Sir Michael Caine

My job as the host of a rock awards show is not to be as divisive as possible, but certainly you want to be able to interject your jokes and how you feel about stuff.

Andy Biersack

I'm not the most in-tune guy with what is getting nominated and winning awards in general.

Seth Rogen

Fatherhood, to me, isn't something you do for awards or acclaim. It's a privilege and a huge responsibility

Dwyane Wade

Grammys, American Music Awards, successful albums, I'd pick my kids any day over any of it.

Toni Braxton

You know how people say awards don't mean anything? Hello! I think the energy around them makes everyone cuckoo.

Kirsten Dunst

I don't want awards, I want my daughter. I wouldn't exchange a single eyelash of my daughter for the whole world.

Malala Yousafzai

I am proud to be a role model for my viewers. I am finding out that helping victims is as or more rewarding the all the awards I win.

Mariska Hargitay

Awards that ignore me are losers.

Shah Rukh Khan

Indian film awards lack credibility.

Aamir Khan

First of all, I never make a movie for awards consideration.

Louis Vuitton

I've received many honors and I'm grateful for them; but I've already received the highest award I'll ever receive, and that has been the privilege and honor of serving very proudly in the United States Navy.

Grace Hopper

I feel very blessed to have two wonderful, healthy children who keep me completely grounded, sane and throw up on my shoes just before I go to an awards show just so I know to keep it real.

Reese Witherspoon

It feels like a rash. It suddenly seems like I've got a contagion of diseases, I mean awards. But it's nice, it's a nice feeling. It's so weird, because I'm only 46. A lifetime Achievement award... it feels like 'I'm not over yet'. I hope they're not trying to say it's time to stop. I'm only just getting the gist of it.

Helena Bonham Carter

Awards are wonderful. I've been nominated many times and I've won many awards. But my journey is not towards that. If it happens it will be a blast. If it doesn't, it's still been a blast.

Tom Cruise

I have won many awards and I am very happy about this, but I am not the best player in the world.

Zinedine Zidane

My kids can't eat awards.


For me the best thing about winning an award is when the people cheer for your win. When you can see that the people are really happy that you are winning something, that's the most reward thing in the world.

Busta Rhymes

To be honest, I've always been really interested in the role of the host, whether it's our kind of Billy Crystal-style traditional awards show host or when you have someone like Louis C.K. or a more edgy stand-up comedian do their take on a hosting role.

Andy Biersack

As you all know by now, this is the 51st annual Academy Awards. Two hours of sparkling entertainment spread out over a four-hour show.

Johnny Carson

It's much harder to act in a bad film than in a good one. A terrible script makes for very difficult acting. You can win an Academy Award for some of the easiest acting in your career, made possible by a brilliant script.

Sir Michael Caine

Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.

Jesse Owens

Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.

Jesse Owens

You know those award shows. The cliche is that it's an honor just to be nominated, but that happens to be true. Whoever wins it in the end, I don't know, sometimes it feels arbitrary. Sometimes it feels like it's deserving.

Hank Azaria

I didn't get into film to win Academy Awards. I wanted to have a conversation with the audience.

Kevin Smith

'The Story of Us' is about running into someone I had been in a relationship with at an awards show, and we were seated a few seats away from each other. I just wanted to say to him, 'Is this killing you? Because it's killing me.' But I didn't. Because I couldn't. Because we both had these silent shields up.

Taylor Swift

I'm not the guy who wins awards and gets mentioned in magazines.

Jhonen Vasquez

I never make a movie for awards consideration. I will use the hope of getting an Academy Award a) to honor the people who work so hard and also b) it's the greatest Good Housekeeping seal in the world. It's the greatest brand. It's as good as Louis Vuitton and Dior in the world of moviemaking. It's the Super Bowl.

Harvey Weinstein

I don't understand these national awards, because half of those who sit in judgement over Indian films do not... possess the competence to evaluate a film correctly.

Satyajit Ray

But listen, I'm 29-years-old, I'm really lucky to be there and whatever happens I've been really blessed already. I have plenty of awards for this movie and if this was it for me I'd be really content.

Reese Witherspoon

Awards are merely the badges of mediocrity.

Charles Ives

Awards are meaningless to me, and I have nothing but disdain for anyone who actively campaigns to get one.

Bill Murray

I'd rather go to the White House Correspondents' dinner than any awards show.

Scarlett Johansson

I'd rather go to the White House Correspondents' dinner than any awards show.

Scarlett Johansson

There are people who want awards because it changes the perception of the audience. But I'm not into all that.

Salman Khan

I've gotten tons of awards and I believe when it's my time to get a Grammy, I'll get a Grammy.

Nicki Minaj

Everything from Hairspray to the Academy Awards. They were also my co-conspirators on my 2006 Broadway show, Fame

Martin Short

I sometimes wonder how many of these lifetime achievement awards you can accept before you have to do the decent thing and die.

James Taylor

I think the Grammy is like the award, you know.

Brandy Norwood

On a personal level, I love the idea of hosting an awards show. I think that sounds like kind of a fun thing to do.

Zachary Levi

Like most people, I've always felt using words like 'best' when applied to art is a fun way for critics to stay busy at the end of the year, and I guess a good way to help get ratings for awards shows, which is fine.

Steven Van Zandt

Not everything's made to win an Academy Award.

Samuel L. Jackson

Awards are great, as you get to meet up with friends and colleagues from your industry - a sort of reunion.

Penelope Cruz

I have awards right now that I do not remember walking on stage to get.

Kenny Rogers

I've never won an award for anything, and I think it's weird. I mean, that's really cool but it's strange to think you could get an award for acting. I always thought that was strange.

Bobby Cannavale