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A collection of quotes and thoughts by Serge Gainsbourg on beauty, sex, alcohol, superior, life, women, love, ugliness, mediocrity, passion, music and writing.

4 Famous Quotes By Serge Gainsbourg, Renowned For His Saucy Lyrics And Music

Famous As: Musician
Born On: February 2, 1928
Died On: March 2, 1991
Born In: Paris, France
Died At Age: 63
Serge Gainsbourg was an important name in French Music. He was a well-known singer, songwriter and pianist besides being a film composer, poet, painter, screen writer, actor and director. He was distinguished for abhorrent and provoking releases. A master of wordplay, Sege’s lyrical work was a fusion of clever amount of mondegreen, onomatopoeia, rhyme, pun and spoonerism. Serge had written over 500 songs and the beauty is that it was after his death that his music reached a legendary build in France. He followed a very different music style which made him difficult to categorize. He showcased a highly sundry artistic output that embodied variety of genres that included pop, funk, rock and roll, mambo, disco, new wave and reggae among others. He provided highly influential work ranging from all different forms. ‘Wax Doll, Rog Doll’, ‘Les Sucettes’ and ‘Boum Bada Boum’ are few of his treasured songs. He wrote more than 550 songs during the span of his career and also gained a cult following in the English-speaking world posthumously. We bring to you a compilation of his thoughts and scandalous things that he said in form of quotes in his own words. So lets raise a toast to the celebrated artist, Serge Gainsbourg and commemorate his life and legacy by reading through the quotes and thoughts of the renowned musician. 
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I am incapable of mediocrity.

Serge Gainsbourg

L'amour est aveugle et sa canne est rose

Serge Gainsbourg

Ugliness is in a way superior to beauty because it lasts.

Serge Gainsbourg