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A collection of quotations by Robert Rauschenberg on art, artist, painting, creativity, curiosity, life, happiness, graphics, abstract and modern-art.

7 Inspiring Quotes By Robert Rauschenberg That Will Feed Your Artistic Soul

Quick Facts

Famous As: painter

Born On: October 22, 1925

Died On: May 12, 2008

Born In: Port Arthur, Texas

Died At Age: 82

Robert Rauschenberg was a prolific American artist believed to be one of the prime developers of modern art. His art-works were very unconventional declaring him to be a great artistic innovator. His most famous works were the ‘Combines’ where he used everyday items with his paintings. He was inclined towards the art of painting since an early age and studied at some of the most renowned art schools. After completing his studies he moved to New York City where he came up with his first solo show in 1951. This marked the beginning of the most successful decade of his life. He came up with his single-colored paintings like the white paintings and the red paintings where he used different shades of the color to materials like wood and nails. The success of these paintings encouraged him to come up with the most notable work of his life titled ‘Combines’. There he used waste materials from streets in his paintings which redefined the use of such things. These works had a very deep meaning which helped him to establish a reputation as an unconventional painter. During the later years of his career he went on a seven-year long tour to ten countries of the world leaving his artworks there to promote world peace. He expressed his thoughts on varied topics through his paintings, sculptures and graphics. Go through the quotes and thoughts by Robert Rauschenberg which reflects his unconventional mind on art.

Curiosity is the main energy...

Robert Rauschenberg

Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made. I try to act in that gap between the two. - 1959, from a catalogue

Robert Rauschenberg

I feel as though the world is a friendly boy walking along in the sun.

Robert Rauschenberg

An empty canvas is full.

Robert Rauschenberg

Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made - I try to act in the gap.

Robert Rauschenberg

A pair of stockings is no less suitable o make a painting of than wood,nails,turpentine,oil,and fabric.

Robert Rauschenberg

Value the process.

Robert Rauschenberg