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Quotes by Louis XVI of France on wars, vices, flattery, praise and absolutism.

6 Inspirational Quotes By Louis XVI Of France

Famous As: King of France

Born On: August 23, 1754

Died On: January 21, 1793

Born In: Palace of Versailles

Died At Age: 38

Hailed as the Last King of France, Louis XVI’s regime is often the talk of historians. Louis XVI of France was among the very few monarchs of his who believed in the ideas of Enlightenment and implemented them during his rule. As the last serving monarch under the French revolution, the King’s bloody death under the guillotine is often debated and contested by philosophers and writers. His progressive ideas and schemes are touted to be ahead of its time. The king’s life has been a source of inspiration to many filmmakers and novelists as well. We have collected the quotes of Louis XVI from several archival materials, historical books, his writings, and other historical articles. Let’s take a look at his quotes on wars, vices, flattery, praise and absolutism.

We must define flattery and praise; they are distinct. Trajan was encouraged to virtue by the panegyric Pliny; Tiberius became obstinate in vice from the flattery of his senators.

Louis XVI of France

The interests of the state must come first.

Louis XVI of France

I die innocent of all the crimes laid to my charge; I pardon those who have occasioned my death; and I pray to God that the blood you are going to shed may never be visited on France.

Louis XVI of France

I have no intention of sharing my authority.

Louis XVI of France

That's what troubles me: I should like to suffer more for the expiation of my sins.

Louis XVI of France

You have only to see what became of my father's will immediately after his death, and the wills of so many other kings. I know it well; but nevertheless, they have wished it; they gave me no rest nor repose, no calm until it was done.

Louis XVI of France