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0 Great Quotes By Estelle Getty That Will Take Away Your Blues

Famous As: Actress and Comedian Known for Her Role as ‘Sophia Petrillo’ in the TV Series ‘The Golden Girls’
Born On: July 25, 1923
Died On: July 22, 2008
Born In: Manhattan, New York, United States
Died At Age: 84

Born Estelle Gettleman, renowned as Estelle Getty was an American comedian and actress. She is best-known for her performance in ‘The Golden Girls,’ for which she earned a ‘Primetime Emmy Award’ and a ‘Golden Globe Award.’ She reprised the role for appearances on ‘The Golden Palace,’ ‘Nurses,’ ‘Empty Nest,’ and ‘Blossom.’ Here noteworthy appearances also include ‘Stuart Little,’ and ‘Mask.’ Following is the list of popular sayings by Estelle Getty which have been gathered from her movies, thoughts and interviews. Zoom through the corpus of famous quotes by Estelle Getty on business, love, acting, life, actors, belief, wrinkles, age, children, wisdom, marriage, and more.